About us

Offices of the new generation

Officenext.ru informs the target audience about how to look like and how act the best Russian and foreign offices. We focus on trends of architecture, construction, commercial real estate, new items of furniture, lighting, materials and technologies, as well as management and corporate culture.

Our mission

We provide relevant information on trends, new technologies, products and services of office industry, promote the exchange of knowledge, partnership, professional and personal growth of the target audience of the portal.

Target Audience

Customers - business owners, executives, administrative directors, office managers, HR and IT specialists. Architects and designers, manufacturers and suppliers of office technologies, goods and services, developers, brokers, consultants, builders, engineers, project-management, Facility Managers, in general, all those who help customers in their move to the offices of the new generation.

The online format is complemented by a variety of activities - competitions, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, awards, that are initiated and organized by our team.